Al meer dan 40 jaar is Unifloor B.V. te Deventer marktleider in Nederland

Renovation of Premier House

Unifloor deals with Noise Nuisance once again!
At this very moment 15.000 m² of Unifloor acoustic, fast-track floor prep systems are being used in the renovation of Premier House, a former office block, which was build more than 60 years ago.

Premier House, located in Edgeware (North West London), is now being converted into a landmark development of 119 contemporary one and two bedroom apartments.

The insufficient acoustics of this former office block, are professionally dealt with by the implementation of the Unifloor acoustic subfloor systems. The sound reduction achieved with these systems, is more than satisfying the requirements as are set by the British Building Regulations.

Besides the improved acoustics, both the insulating qualities as the adequate thermal resistance of the individual Unifloor products used, will warrant optimal use of the floor heating system in place. All these fantastic Unifloor features have been put in to place to guaranty a perfect living environment for decades to come.

See our website for the Unifloor products in use: Jumpax CP, Heat-foil, Heat-blok and Soundkiller

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